~Friday, December 30, 2016

Ways I have Already Ruined this Baby's Life: An Incomplete List

  1. Having a due date so very close to Christmas, according to one stranger. (It seems like this one has passed.)
  2. Having an MRI (without contrast, thank god) done on my ankle during that waiting period between ovulation and a positive test.
  3. Taking ibuprofen during this same period for this same ankle. 
  4. Following the saying, "Drink until it's pink."
  5. Stopping at a friend's house in Georgia in May and not wearing any mosquito repellent. It was during the height of the Zika scare and I got eaten alive.
I was keeping this list until Harvey patted her own pregnant tummy and passed on the best advice that was given to her. "It's hard to screw up a good pregnancy," she told me. " Women don't randomly flush healthy fetuses out of their bodies. Miscarriages happen because there is something amiss with the chromosomes of the embryo. They don't develop correctly, and it becomes non-viable." So a couple of doses of ibuprofen aren't great, but it won't ruin a good thing.

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  1. What Harvey said is also what my doctor told me. I had taken two pregnancy tests, both of which were negative, in the weeks before drinking several glasses of wine at my husband's holiday party. One week later, I found out I was eight (EIGHT!) weeks pregnant.

    At my first doctor's appointment, when I 'fessed up to the wine, she told me that if a pregnancy hadn't had issues or self-terminated, I was most likely fine. It was such a relief to hear that. And as it turns out, she was right!