~Wednesday, April 2, 2014


People ask us how being married is. Whether it's any different to the life we had before.

I always respond it's exactly the same.

Abraham says he likes married life better. And when the other person is done singing, "Aww," he qualifies that he is happier because I'm no longer stressed 24/7 about the wedding.

In real life, marriage is expensive, if you base it on cost per day for what you spent on the wedding. Marriage is also tiring. I've taken four-hour naps on every day that I'm not working. Last Sunday Abraham appeared above me from the couch. "Are you feeling okay? Because you've been asleep for five hours."

I stretched and yawned. "I feel like I could sleep another five."

"Well you'll be able to when we go to bed in a few hours."

Maybe I'm just recovering from all the stress I placed on myself. Or maybe my thyroid meds aren't as effective as they used to be. I find myself sensitive to cold, my teeth chattering when it's 68*F inside the house.

I should probably get myself to the doctor to get checked. Right after this nap.


  1. Though to be fair, 68 inside is freezing to me! I keep my house around 75.

  2. I agree with MissM, I keep mine around 71°. Though it sounds like a good idea to get to your doc, just in case! xx - aj