~Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Things I have cried about in the last month

  • The inner envelopes of the wedding invitations looked awful in certain lighting
  • The guest list (too large)
  • Seemingly having to make every appointment twice (or three times) instead of once to accomodate everyone's schedules
  • The cost of hair on the wedding day ($240!!)
  • My mom calling me a bridezilla when I said I wanted to pay for alterations rather than having her cut up my wedding gown
  • The guest list (not enough people I know)
  • Someone needing the wedding program the day after I finished addressing the invitations
  • Talking about finances with family members
  • Learning what hospitality bags are
  • When are all of the appointments going to take place?
  • Traffic (being 10 minutes late to life)
  • The possibility of having the wedding outside
  • Getting really sick an hour after the bridal shower
  • Pneumonia!
  • The decision of whether parents are going to stand under the chuppah (all of the tears)
  • The guest list (why has only half responded?)
  • The Finklesteins
  • Keeping children from attending the wedding
  • Feeling like a bad friend for turning down friend invites so I could sit alone in the dark

Abraham: As long as that list is, I think you missed a few things. 


  1. Don't feel guilty for needing to sit alone in the dark and just breath through all of it. Also, remember to enjoy it all!

  2. Listen. I now don't know where my invitation and response cards are. I kill me!

    I'm going to look for it. And mail it.

  3. $240 for hair!!! Hopefully its your hair plus the bridal party. Although all this seems hectic, it will be amazing in the end. Just don't forget to take care of yourself and Abraham first.

  4. $240 was for me. Just meeeeeee. Add another $120 for makeup. I was able to talk him down to $175 for hair because I wasn't doing an updo.

  5. If you're still in DC, Fashion Dream in Arlington is apparently great for dress alterations. (I wish I could give personal experience, but... *sigh.* She did do a jacket of mine, though, and it turned out beautifully.)

  6. I understand all of the stress but just be glad you found someone amazing that you want to spend the rest of your life with and he feels the same way!!!!
    As a single girl in my early 30's who went through a pretty sad breakup with my first love of 9 years, I wish I had the issues listed above if that meant I still had him.

    Goodluck with everything! Breathe and enjoy it!

  7. Awww - Sarah. These are things definteily worth crying over but just remember that at the end of it all you will be there with your love and surrounded by the ones who love you. Concentrate on getting better (if you aren't already!) and how fabulous you will look marrying the love of your life. You deserve all the happiness in the world lovely lady. And you're only going to get married once so $240 over the next 50 years is not so bad right?! ;-)

  8. Just my only piece of advise: It is your day and no one will give a shit about hospitality bags...the food, people only care if it is awful. What people want to see is two people in love, so try not to sweat the small stuff too much.:)

  9. This is it, here it comes! Four more days -- three if you don't count today. :) Enjoy every second of your wedding day. <3

  10. Oh I'm sorry, I chuckled at your first item: "The inner envelopes of the wedding invitations looked awful in certain lighting" only because that is a clear indicator that you were so stressed out and not feeling settled or rested. I hope in looking back on all of these stressors you can laugh, too! -aj