~Thursday, October 31, 2013


I went to my book club last week. (We read Where'd You Go, Bernadette?, which was okay. I loved the characters, but hated the execution of the plot.) Katie and I were seated at a table for six in the corner of Café Intermezzo, a charming café that serves every possible variety of coffee, tea, and wine. On any given day, there is a choice of at least 30 fresh cakes of which you can get a giant slice for $7.95. 

The rest of the girls took their seats. The waiter came by and placed napkins in front of us. 

"Hello," he greeted us. He did a double-take when he saw me. "Oh! It's you! Hello! I know you've been here before!"

The rest of the table gave me the side eye. Why does this man know you so well, Sarah?

"I, um," [cough] "This was my go-to place when I was online dating," I rushed. During the height of my dating, I was here 2 - 3 times a week. 

The rest of the girls squealed in delight. I was a little embarrassed sitting there, haunted from ghosts of dating's past. 

"I'll have the hot chocolate with whiskey and Nutella." 

You know, the usual. 


  1. Hahahaha. I totally know that look! Although I went to a lot of restaurants with Le Chef, and when we split up and I brought other guys around, I started getting weird looks, like "who's this dude, and are you CHEATING???"

  2. San Diego is my dating graveyard. I even made a Yelp list of first date spots. Just helping out all the ladies.

    Lets talk about this hot chocolate whiskey amazingness!! I think I should look up a recipe for that and get it cracking tonight!

  3. I so feel this. There is a wine bar that I took all of my dates in Chicago and then when I realized alcohol is not great for first dates, a coffee shop. I took Crush to the wine bar the last time he visited me there before I moved and all of the staff stared.....I am sure they were thinking, "WOW, she FINALLY found someone!" I would patron this place 2-4 times a week in the height of my dating days. It was right up the street and safe.

  4. It could be worse, all those guys you passed on could be using the place now for their dates!

  5. Forget the place...I was a little disappointed in the book.
    I thought it was going to be so much better. Oh well!